Front Gate(s) Update
The gates will be operational at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 24th.
Please read the below:
        Test your gate Fob(s) to ensure the batteries are good.   (You can do this by a red light coming on when you press the button on the fob)
        If the red light doesn’t light up, you will need to replace the battery.  It is a small,  12 volt battery that can be purchased at any store that sells batteries
        You will also want to stop in the office to verify they have updated names, phone numbers and access codes  in the gate system
·        Visitors will use the far right gate  (Instructions are attached)
·        Residents will use the center gate with their FOB
·        The far Left gate is for EXIT ONLY
·        The exit gate will open automatically when a  car approaches. 
·        Additional Fobs can be purchased at the leasing office for $35
PLEASE NOTE!    The gate arms will go down after each car!  DO NOT TAILGATE!!